A Pound Off This Week And The Urge To Lose Weight Is Back!

A Pound Off This Week And The Urge To Lose Weight Is Back!

Would the weight ever come off me? Were my targets too extreme? How can you possibly go from a good month of weight loss to nothing over a fortnight?

All questions that I would feel would have great support at a Slimming World group but as an online member I often feel like I am on my own. No wonder so many people go to group!

So over the last week I haven’t been perfect of my diet. Well I say that and I am sure there are people out there that have a lot more syns than me. Normally I will go from day to day on no syns and then treat myself once a week with a naughty meal such as coconut chicken (4 syns) or a small bar of Cadburys chocolate.

"weight loss"Well over the last week I was so depressed over my lack of weight loss and a period that I managed a naughty treat a day. I did add up my treats and I wasn’t as bad as you think – about 6-8 syns a day but why do I feel so guilty about that amount?

I can’t believe how many carbs I had the night before I got weighed and I still lost a pound. Unbelieveable don’t you think?
So it’s the day after Halloween and a bank holiday in Portugal so I having a buffet. Naughty I know but this is in between playing on Wii sports so I don’t believe it will cause a weight gain and then I can be as good as gold all week!!!

So hopefully next week will be a better week. I would love to get below what I weighed when I went on holiday in June and my target for this next week (fingers crossed) is another pound. Obviously I would like more but to say that I am 15st7 sounds so much better than 15st8 (which I am now). I would also like to get down to 15st5 to complete my first stone off but we will have to wait and see.

My weight loss dream is really to be at my club 10 target for Christmas which is 14st10 so I am 12 pounds away from that so far.

On the exercise front with living in Portugal and how hot it is indoor swimming pools are no good in the summer so I was waiting on November before I started that so over the next few weeks I will be back to swimming. After my operation I also need to tone my muscles and I couldn’t think of anything better.

So I am back – even though it’s just a pound off in three weeks I feel good about myself again. So watch this space!
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