Maintaining At Slimming World Yet Again!

Maintaining At Slimming World Yet Again!

I can’t believe it two weeks in a row I have maintained and this isn’t funny anymore! I have had a few weeks of great weight loss results and then it’s just gone to pot. I am thinking something has gone wrong somewhere because I have been following the diet with very little or no syns and the diet says in general that by sticking to this amount I should be looking at a 2 pound a week weight loss each and every week.

Ever since I came back on the diet though I have been suffering from stomach cramps and I have had a swollen stomach for weeks and I have a feeling that I either have a fruit or a fibre issue. Because its like a food intolerance and is making me feel ill.

"weight loss"They say to have five portions of fruit and vegetables a day but is there such a thing as over dosing on them as I had Dominic’s amazing fruit salad which was syn free but had six bowls of it in one evening when I was feeling really hungry and craving something to munch on and since then I have felt rubbish.

So I nipped out to the chemist yesterday to get some laxitives and hopefully this will make me feel better and from then on I will still have the fruit salads just not in crazy portions.

Another thing I have changed is using up my fibre allowance something I have never really been into before so something in those lines may be the case too.
So what this space – though I wouldn’t stop the diet if it was fibre as I am a complete cheese freak and then I would use my healthy extras towards cheese and milk. Sounds just as good doesn’t it?
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