My Weight Loss Dream A-Z Blogging Challenge: Q Is For Quavers

My Weight Loss Dream A-Z Blogging Challenge: Q Is For Quavers

Welcome back to my personal A-Z Weight Loss Dream blogging challenge. Yesterday we talked Paul Mckenna and now we are on day 17 of blogging 26 days straight, working my way through the alphabet. I’ve talked about a bunch of weight loss topics, such as ice cream, fad diets, jogging, life changes and maintaining your weight losss. So feel free to check out the rest of the entries if you haven’t read them already.

"slimming world q"Now, for today’s entry. Since I’m on day 17 of 26, that brings us to the letter Q. Q is kind of a hard letter if you’re doing an alphabet challenge. Though its not so hard if you have discovered tasty quavers.

I first discovered them on Slimming World as a teenager and thought they were amazing. I was looking through the syn values and I love crisps and chocolate so wanted to find something that I could have at school without standing out as the person that is on a diet  :)

For those whole don’t know (although if you’re doing Slimming World, you’re probably familiar with Quavers), Quavers are curly potato crisps that are made by Walkers. I did a little research online, and found out that these crisps have beenin production for quite awhile. The first bag of Quavers was sold in 1968!

They come in Cheese Flavour and taste absolutely amazing I just cant believe they are so low in calories. When you are on a diet even though you want to change your ways looking for a low calorie version of what you normally have is so much better! It beats giving them up altogether.
I know it’s better to snack on fruit or vegetables, but for me Quavers are fairly guilt free as far as snack foods go. They’re very low syn, so that means they’re low calorie, so they’re not fattening. Plus, I find that a bag of Quavers is very satisfying, so I don’t want to keep snacking after I’ve already had a bag. That helps me keep to the right amount of syns for each day.

The Swap

And in case you were curious I was originally having lots of Pringles. But the problem of course was not the calories in them, but more that I couldn’t say no, so one pringle would turn into a big tube of them.

That’s also what I love about Slimming World – that you can still have your chocolate and crips you just go for a lower calorie version! And tomorrow we have plenty more of the same theme.

Do you like Quavers? What is your favorite flavour? Go ahead and share you love for Quavers in the comments!
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