My Weight Loss Dream A-Z Blogging Challenge: U Is For Ugly

My Weight Loss Dream A-Z Blogging Challenge: U Is For Ugly

Hello all, and happy New Years Eve! New Years is one of my favourite times of the year, because I love getting a fresh start. We had the chance to put it into action yesterday with the treadmill so today it is about one feeling most fat people feel at one time or another.

Has everyone made their New Year resolutions yet? I think one of my resolutions is going to be to stop being so critical of myself, but I will probably update with a complete list of resolutions tomorrow or Wednesday.

"slimming world u"I’m also still doing my A-Z Weight Loss blogging challenge and today I’m on the letter U, nearly at the end of the alphabet. I’m feeling a little introspective today, so I thought I would devote this entry to something that kind of has to do with weight loss, but is a bit more abstract.

Today, I will be talking about the term “ugly,” which is a word I think a lot of people who are trying to lose weight say to themselves a lot. How many of us have looked in the mirror and said, “I look ugly” or, “Wow, all that extra weight I’m carrying is so ugly” or “If I could only lose this weight I will stop being so ugly”?

Unfortunately, weight loss and body image are two things that are directly related to one another. Most of us want to lose weight with dieting to be healthier, yes, but I’ll be the first to admit I want to lose weight to look better also. It’s definitely a struggle to keep both goals in mind, health and appearance.

But we have to keep it in perspective (which is what I keep telling myself too.) Yes, no one wants to be ugly. However, good looks will fade with age and being a healthy weight can help you avoid medical issues throughout your whole life.  And of course there is a lot more to being beautiful than just looks.
Yes, I know all these things. The trouble is getting myself to actually accept it and stop engaging in negative self-talk with the world “ugly.” Has anyone been able to change their mindset about this? If so, let me know how you did it in the comment section.
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