Slimming World A-Z: T Is For Targets

Slimming World A-Z: T Is For Targets

I can’t believe I only have another week left of my A-Z Slimming World blogging challenge. I feel like I haven’t been blogging every day for that long, but now that I think about it I have covered a lot of material. Today I’m on the letter T, so I thought I would discuss Slimming World targets.

"slimming world t"When you start the Slimming World plan, you’re supposed to pick a target weight that you would like to reach. Slimming World doesn’t tell you what your target should be though, you have to decide how many stones you want to lose for yourself. I think having a goal is a really good idea, because it’s motivating when you realize you’re getting close to your goal. (On the other hand it can be frustrating when you realize you’re not quite there yet.)

You also get some perks if you join a Slimming World group and then reach your target. If you maintain your weight to within 3 pounds above or below your target weight, you can attend Slimming World group meetings for free. This helps you maintain your target weight and not slip back into old eating habits.

So, how do you decide what your target weight should be? If you used to be a bit slimmer, maybe you want to get back to the weight you were then. If you’ve struggled with your weight your whole life, it might be a little bit harder to pick a reasonable goal.

I think using a BMI chart can be helpful in picking a goal weight. You can find BMI charts a lot of places on line (in fact, the Slimming World website even has a BMI calculator) and then check and see what a healthy weight would be for your height.
Or better yet, you could visit your physician for a checkup and discuss what your doctor thinks would be reasonable Slimming World targets for you based on your health history. Then once you’ve decided on a target weight, you can get started working towards your goal.

How did you decide what your Slimming World targets would be? Do you feel joining a Slimming World group is helping you reach those targets? Feel free to share you experiences in the comments section of this post.
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