Week 4 Is Here And A Bad Week On The Slimming World Diet

Week 4 Is Here And A Bad Week On The Slimming World Diet

So I have been obsessing this week about how much weight I will have lost this week. We all have those weeks when we have had a couple of good weeks and hope that the luck will carry on.

I have also been a bit more active on the weight loss forums and it is very interesting to see how other people are doing with their own weight loss dream. When you first start dieting especially if you are not going to a weight loss group, like the only one in the world that has weight to lose. So by going down the forums you realise that there are people out there that are bigger than you and some that have less weight to lose than yourself.

So this week I made it to the same week I quit Slimming World on last time. That dreaded week when you are really well behaved on your diet and you either lose a very small amount of weight or you maintain it.

Well back in September 2006 that’s exactly what happened in group. I lost just half a pound when I had been as good as gold. Though looking back its like just now!!!!

I had started to really go for it with exercise and my reckoning is that you are building a bit of muscle and this is giving you a negative effect. My husband and my family have told me this week I look like I have lost a lot of weight so I must have had my toning up week!

I don’t feel slimmer myself – but then again with us living with it everyday it’s how other people see us. My parents are due in Portugal next month so it will be interesting to see what they say as they haven’t seen me in the flesh since May.

So without further a do my total weight loss for the week is zero!
Therefore I have maintained this week and hopefully I will have a much better weight loss next week. The hubby is trying to stop me being miserable and I have said as long as its not a recurring thing I will chill a bit and look forward to next week!
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