Weight Loss Diary Week 3 – Returning To Slimming World

Weight Loss Diary Week 3 – Returning To Slimming World

So here I am. I have completed a full circle and 18 years after very first joining Slimming World I am back on their diet. Just wish I was the same weight as I was when I very first joined Slimming World. Instead I am 4 stone heavier but much more determined.

So after getting out of the shower this morning I re-enrolled at Slimming World and went through the weight, height, very food etc. Then it dawned on me that I hardly have anything in at all to eat for the diet. So breakfast this morning has been what you would call a challenge. So I have settled on a Muller Light (Can’t believe the prices we have to pay for them in Portugal) and a can of diet Pepsi to go with it. After 2 weeks without any canned pop I am desperate for one.

The hubby on the other hand is tucking into a can of baked beans, a Miller Light and a big coffee.

We have even tried fresh skimmed milk for the first time and must admit we are fans and it will give us enough milk to spread out between cooking and drinks.
We are also continuing with our exercise and so far this week (well its only Wednesday Morning) I have power walked 5 laps totalling 8750m or 5.4miles which feels fantastic and will be doing another 2 miles and a bit this evening.

So I will keep you posted of how I get on.
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