Health Problems Relating To The Plan

Health Problems Relating To The Plan

The highly popular diet plan by diet guru Jenny Craig is coming under fire from an LA based comedienne who is claiming that the diet programme “caused a miscarriage and left her needing surgery to remove 1,000 gallstones”.

The claims from comedienne Mara Shapshay have led to her calling in legal help to try and sure Jenny Craig for the health problems she has since suffered which she believes are directly linked to being on the Jenny Craig diet plan.

Mara Shapshay is known in LA for her work on highly popular television shows including South Park and Friends.

According to media reports Mara Shapshay began to suffer from serious health problems after being on the diet and using the diet products in 2011 and she is now launching a lawsuit against Jenny Craig for unspecified damages.

Mara Shapshay is not only suing Jenny Craig but she is also claiming that the diet company is aware that the products that they sell to aid weight loss can cause gall bladder disease and that they should come with health warnings that do not already exist.

The gall bladder complications and problems that Mara Shapshay suffered from led her have to undergo several different surgeries and she is claiming that this led to her suffering from nausea, pain and vomiting.  She adds that she believes the diet was also responsible for a miscarriage she suffered according to TMZ.

This is not the first time that the Jenny Craig Inc have been involved in controversy.  Back in 1994 there was a class action suit launched against the company by 360,000 clients based in Orange County, Claifornia who all also alleged that the products sold by Jenny Craig for weight loss caused gall bladder disease.

At the time the company agreed to a pay out of $10 million and also gave away a further $36 million in merchandise but the company never admitted to any form of wrongdoing.

The Jenny Craig Inc have been a major weight loss company for decades and claim that they guarantee weight loss or your money back.

The programme was first launched back in 1983 in Australia and then two years later in the US and is followed by an estimated 150,000 dieters at any one point making it one of the biggest in the world and has many celebrities who endorse the products.
There has been no comment from Jenny Craig Inc about the new case against them or details about the claims that the diet causes gall bladder disease.
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