My Weight Loss Dream A-Z Blogging Challenge: L Is For Life Changes

My Weight Loss Dream A-Z Blogging Challenge: L Is For Life Changes

I was giving some thought earlier today to all the different points in my life I’ve tried to lose weight. As mentioned in the about me page of this site, my weight loss dream isn’t new.  And it seems like every point in my life where I’ve tried to lose weight has been totally different. With yesterday and discussing kilos this has led me onto what I want to blog about today. So, for today, which is day 12 of my weight loss dream personal A-Z blogging challenge, I’m going to devote my blog entry to life changes.

Life is constantly changing, sometimes in large ways, sometimes in small ways. In fact, even changing your life style and doing something like the weight loss dream could be considered a life change. Life changes aren’t always bad, right?

Right now I have made excellent life changes and I am several kilos lighter, I am also much fitter and feel fantastic for my age.

And then, what if a negative life change happens while you’re trying to change things for the better. What if you get sick? Experience a breakup? Death in the family? How are you supposed to continue with your positive life changes in the midst of negative ones?

If anyone finds the answer to this question, please let me know. Because I’ve found that there is no magical solution to help overcome negative life changes. You just have to keep going and work through the issues.

I remember when I had cancer – we were making excellent progress with our weight loss and all of a sudden I had this tumour growing and making me gain weight on a daily basis. At the time I didn’t know what it was and just thought I was eating too much and then I stopped my weight loss dream because I had admitted defeat. Then after we found out what was wrong Dominic turned to emotional eating and we were both fatter than when we started.
I think it’s much easier to stick to something that’s an ingrained routine when things start going wrong than to try and stick to something you only do halfheartedly. Have any of you been able to stick with your weight loss through tough life changes? Let me know in the comments.
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