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Diopter is a plugin for Adobe After Effects cs6 and above. Diopter helps you create complicated optical effects in a simple way. it can be simply aesthetic. To give this little something to a shot great for the plugin, tilt-shift,photo-realistic color to, moods and beauty shots. Diopter there is also great for graphic and intense effects like a souvenir sequence or a bad trip. it can create simple optical effects like tilt-shift or reflections.

Diopter is very easy to use. First, choose a lens shape among the predefined shapes. You can also choose a layer to make your own lens. place and transform plus plugging in this lens as you want. Then this is where the serious things begin. The first category of effects concerns blurring. You will find fast bowler realistic, blur slower to calculate but more photo-realistic, optical distortion, trail, and directional blur then come to the other effects lightness color and chromatic aberration. finally, you can change the overall intensity of the doctor and its blending mode. these effects are not new and after effects but it's their combination in a plugin that makes.

Diopter really interesting and fun to play with Diop. who comes with 30 presets you can use them directly or as a first start to find your perfect mix. Once you have it save it as your own preset some cool footages are also included. Diopter is a plugin for after effects CS6 and above Mac and P.S. Have fun.a 

Free Download AEScripts Diopter v1.0.3 for After Effects Full Update For Lifetime file Now
Filename: Dptr_1.0.3.rar
Version: V1.0.3
Languages: Multiple Languages
File size: 45 MB
License: Free
Requirements: Win (All Versions)
Date added: July 23, 2020
Working for AE Scripts Tools
CPU: Any Intel Core 3 or Core iX CPU
Ram: 2 GB Minimum

For Windows