My Weight Loss Dream A-Z Blogging Challenge: N Is For Natural Fat Free Yoghurt

My Weight Loss Dream A-Z Blogging Challenge: N Is For Natural Fat Free Yoghurt

After talking about maintaining weight loss yesterday, we are talking today about the letter N, so I wanted to talk about natural fat free yoghurt.  I have never really seen myself as a big yoghurt fan. That is unless it involves chocolate yoghurts. I love Smarties, Rolo & Milkybar to name a few!

However I have seen a new way to consume yoghurt and this is for cooking. And also for puddings and snacks too and I must admit I am totally and utterly HOOKED.

I buy a huge tub of natural yoghurt from Lidl each week and it is used through a variety of dishes. To make a fantastic Eton Mess for a dessert with fresh raspberries.

It also makes a fantastic asset to breakfast – you could have it as an alternative to milk with some cereal and fresh fruit. Talking about fresh fruit I love it with fresh strawberries and some one calorie diet sugar.

Then for lunch to make a chocolate pudding with!

It also tastes just as good for making as a sauce to go with some meat. Just by adding some mustard powder and some low fat cheese to it you have a great sauce.

You could just as easily achieve this with a steak so that you can STILL enjoy steak, chips and sauce on a saturday night!

If you have a look at our low fat recipes you will see some great ideas to be able to bring fat free natural yoghurt into your diet.

However, natural fat free yoghurt isn’t just delicious, it’s also pretty good for you. Since it’s fat free you don’t have to worry about it contributing to you gaining weight, so that’s a bonus. Natural fat free yoghurt also contains calcium, which contributes to strong bones, and probiotics, which are good for your digestion. There are so many other reasons to eat yoghurt than just the taste!
What you have to do in your diet if you want to follow a healthy lifestyle is to be able to replace fatty foods with low calorie alternatives and that is exactly what you can achieve with natural fat free yoghurt. Swap it for milk, cream, mayonnaise, sauces, dips and so on. And you will be shocked with how many calories you will save. Then like me you can use those spare calories on chocolate  :) Tomorrow we are blogging about targets so lets get started.

Is natural fat fee yoghurt part of your diet? What’s your favorite way to eat it? Feel free to share in the comment section.
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