Slimming World A-Z Blogging Challenge: O Is For Original Red Days

Slimming World A-Z Blogging Challenge: O Is For Original Red Days

Merry Christmas! I hope everyone has been able to stick with their Slimming World diet plan today. It can be hard not to overindulge during the holidays, but I’m trying my best not to go too crazy.

Also, I’m still doing my A-Z Slimming World blogging challenge. Today I’m on the letter O, so I thought I would talk about Original Red days. It also seemed appropriate because red it a very Christmassy color.

As I’ve discussed before, for the food optimisation part of Slimming World, you hae several choices. You can choose the Extra Easy plan, where the same foods are considered free or healthy extras each day. Or you can follow the original plan, and do original Red days and Green days, where different foods are free foods and healthy extras. I already discussed Green days for my entry for the letter G, so I’m just going to talk about Original Red days here.

On Original Red days, free foods are meat, shellfish, fish, cottage cheese, eggs, fruits, natural fat free yoghurt, and most vegetables, except carb heavy veggies like potatoes and peas. You can then choose 1 or 2 healthy extras from the A list, which includes milk and cheese. Then, choose two healthy extras from the B list, which includes cereals, breads, vegetables (potatoes or parsnips), beans/peas/lentils, and pasta/rice/grains.

Original Red days end up being much lower in carbohydrates than Green days, since most foods that are carb heavy are a healthy extra. However, there are still a ton of meal choices. You could have a steak, vegetable, and a baked potato for dinner, for example.

And of course, you can eat fruits and most vegetables freely, which is great for snacking. I’ve been trying to choose free foods as snacks lately, so I don’t use up my syns or my healthy extras on a mere snack. This gives me more options when it comes to making dinner.
I still haven’t decided if doing Original Red days helps me lose weight more than doing Green days, or vice versa. I’ve still been doing a pretty good mix, and usually I decide in the morning based on what I want for breakfast.

How do you decide if you want to do an Original Red day, Green day, or Extra Easy plan day? Let me know in the comments!
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