First Week Back At Slimming World – Ben & Jerrys Ice cream, Burger And Chips, Plus Piri Piri Chicken And I STILL Lost Weight

First Week Back At Slimming World – Ben & Jerrys Ice cream, Burger And Chips, Plus Piri Piri Chicken And I STILL Lost Weight

I have my bad moments. Having said that I have been a strong believer that you must ALWAYS behave yourself the day before weigh in and there I was yesterday eating everything I shouldn’t. Full of cold and sick of being good on my diet I went the other way.

I had piri piri chicken for dinner with steamed rice. For those of you that are not Portugal based its like the chicken you buy from the deli counter in Morrisons but tastes much better and is the famous Portuguese food. And yes I did enjoy the skin too!

It was then washed down with a small bar of Dairy Milk which was amazing though it felt like Fondue dipping sauce because it’s so hot here at the moment it had gone and melted on me!

My other bad moments this week (well there were lots) included:

-         A huge selection of Strepsils and anything else that I felt at the time would cure me

-         A mini Ben & Jerry’s tub on a day out (I just see Ben & Jerry’s logo and I just have to have it!)

-         Burger and Chips at Zoo Marine (god knows what’s happened as the burger tasted like those horrible 20 burgers for a pound that you get at Aldi)

And then the rest of the week I was as good as gold. May be that’s my secret? Because throughout the week I will not require any syns and never go over 1 a day. Then I can be naughty at other times of the week when I really need it.

I have also found not having any biscuits, ice cream and chocolate works. The urge goes after about 10 minutes and I can then work towards my weight loss dream.

Also last week was my period and I am managed to make it through a period without cheating. Something I never managed before – I think that’s the reason I rowed with my Dad most of the week (sorry dad).

So without further a do here is my weight loss for the last 7 days:

2.5 pounds off

I am over the moon.

I wanted to get my weight below 100 kilos as it sounds so bad to be over that which to the none kilo person is 220 pounds or 15st10.

So with the weight off I now weigh in at 99.4kilos = 15st9 (219 pounds) and this gives me a weight loss so far at the end of week 3 of 10 pounds which is great. I struggled so greatly last time to lose weight but I always forget I had weight gain through cancer so I should learn to understand this more.

I now want to aim at 1 kilo a week (2.2 pounds) as my weekly target. I have also looked up my 10 club target and I am only 13 pounds off my first one which would be lovely to hit that by Christmas. But with that do I base it on 10% since I started this diet or since I started Slimming World?
Oh yes and before I forget I managed very little in the sense of exercise over the last 7 days and just power walked 6 laps of 1750metres each = 10.5km. I can moan about that but its still the same distance as the Great North Run!
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